Benefits of E-class


e-class content is researched over last 3 years and completely mapped to Maharashtra State Board Guidelines. The content consists of Audio-Visual Lessons in 2D and 3D that help the teacher to deliver the lesson effectively and the students can understand the concepts better.

Effective Learning

e-class builds up your retentive capabilities through its skillful and extensively researched interactive courses that make learning fun and easy, helping you remember courses months after you learnt them with the help of audio-video learning.

Learn @ your Pace

Now with e-class you can study at your own pace, devote more time to your weak points. Studying and revising can be done at once own pace

Plan your Study

As you have access to the study material with you, so you can plan your studies at your convenience. Revision would never had been so fun earlier as all you have to do is switch on to e-class and sit back and learn using the Audio Video learning

Cost Effective

For students the e-class costs you less than your annual tuition’s fees and for schools the cost for each student per month would be less than the cost of a notebook.  Prices being low e-class is also favorite amongst the NGO’s and also opted as education @ CSR


Using e-class is as simple as operating your Television from a remote. As with e-class you get an e-box which needs to be attached with the TV and with the e-box remote you can navigate through the study material loaded on e-class.

Other Benefits:

  • E-class increases success rate in class examinations and most importantly in SSC Board examinations.
  • Stronger Institutional Image in the society.
  • Bridging the digital divide among the students and building better bonds between teachers and the students.
  • A next generation teaching aid with a plethora of references.
  • Customized to complement live classroom teaching.
  • Comprehensive lesson plan as per Maharashtra State Board Syllabus (SSC).
  • An engaging format for better student learning and hassle free teaching environment.
  • Chapter wise detailed study, syllabus oriented & easy to explain.
  • Aimed at increasing marks of students.
  • Exciting audio-videos which help the students to remember the chapters better as compared to just by-hearing it from books.