An RFID based attendance system is a system that uses tags to track when students/teachers enter or leave a class or building. They provide a method of keeping track of attendance in a nondescript, automated manner.

Biometrics system is a system which analyses the finger print and takes the count/attendance of the person. This machine is available with a complete supported back end software. Your entire data can be sent on to the computer with a simple pendrive or lan wire.


  • Scratch Proof optical sensor
  • High resolution 600 dpi optical sensing
  • Fingerprint/Pin/Card authentication
  • 360° verification angle
  • In-built battery for backup
  • 2.4″ color TFT screen
  • TCP-IP network connectivity
  • USB connectivity for data backup
  • High performance sensing with <1s identification time
  • Inbuilt access control functionality


  • The school can take attendance from students and teachers from the same machine.
  • All the data is stored remotely and can be exported to any one on cloud.
  • This machine uses finger print attendance and also card attendance (rfid)
  • Complete technical reports available per user.
  • Made and customized as per governments inputs.
  • Full service and support given by the company.
  • Warranty of 2 years along with on call help.

Technical Specifications

You can connect it to any computer via a lan wire or connect a pendrive to the device to take data from it.

Things Included In 1 Unit

  • 1 Machine
  • 1 Card
  • Cord