What is E-class

  • E-class is an innovative educational content for the students of Maharashtra State Board’s 1st to 10th standards for all subjects, available in English, Marathi and Semi English medium. One of the most unique and affordable platform to run e-class is a PEN DRIVE that runs on TV through a small multi-media player called e-box or directly on the laptops or computers.
  • E-class contains each subject with a real teacher in a virtual classroom, teaching chapter by chapter making studies as exciting as watching movies along with unique features like question -answer and mind map for revision purpose. E-class can also be easily loaded onto PCs, Laptops, School Servers etc.
  • History animated videos, science experiments, geography maps and figures, geometry diagrams and sums all make a wonderful learning experience. They are all given in a pen drive for the students in an audio video animation format.
  • E-class is a unique content which is meant for all, whether you are a student, parent, teacher, educational institute, corporate, NGO or even a young educated youth in rural and semi urban areas of India.
  • It has the entire chapters in an animated format with numerous pictures and animations which make the chapter very easy to understand and remember.
  • E-class aims at developing the students learning ability as the entire chapters becomes more interesting to study and hence improves the results of the students.
  • E-class is the new generation educational product which helps students gain more marks and is a step to the future of education.
  • Installed over 250 schools and 550 coaching classes e-class is a revolutionary product in the field of education.