E-class – 10th Standard
Empowering Minds by Simplifying Learning

Eclass is an educational audio-video content for the students of Maharashtra State board. For getting on to a career path of your choice, step one is the high aggregate marks at the Std. X board exams to ensure admission to the right college. It is said a child will study better with the help of illustration and audio visuals. They can relate and can understand concepts in a better way when they see live images and animations. Tenth standard being the most crucial year of the whole school life requires added information and help in studying, and we help providing that.

Our E-class content consists of the entire 10th standard syllabus in a fun learning method with various sounds and animations. It is as per the current syllabus and helps explain each chapter in detail. This makes the learning very easy and entertaining.

The subject and practical’s can be easily understood by the students as their brains process more information with the help of images and visuals. By watching study material in an animated format the students will enjoy the experience of learning and will take more interest in studying. Students can study at their own pace whenever they want. With the new age technology learning, this is the future of learning.

Math’s sums, geography maps, history events, science practical’s and much more are covered in beautiful crisp audio-video content. Mindmap and question and answers are also included in the standard for quick learning and revisions.

Not only does it help gain more marks but also makes the base of the student very strong. This helps the student to get prepared for his next class. This can be used on an android phone/tablet, on a personal windows computer via a pendrive or even on tv with the help of our ebox.

Maharashtra State Board

It covers the entire state board syllabus and does not cover only concepts. The student does not have to hunt for concepts, but can study the complete chapter in a flow.

Multiple Languages

Eclass content is available in Marathi, English, Hindi, Urdu and Semi-English languages. The text and the entire voice over are as per the language selected.

No Internet

Internet is not required for any product. Complete delivery of audio-videos delivered offline.

Covers All Chapters

It covers all chapters of the subject provided as per class and can be viewed multiple times.

Digital Education

It’s a part of the digital upgrade of the nation , and with the new age learning students will gain more marks.


Covers mindmap and question and answer videos also for quick revision for students.

Content Quality

The content is in rich 2D-3D animation and has crisp audio for better understanding.

User Friendly

The entire product is very easy to use, making it hassle free for students and parents.

Subjects Covered

English Medium Marathi Medium
Political Science Political Science
History History
Geography Geography
Economics Economics
Science Science
Algebra Algebra
Geometry Geometry
English Grammar English Grammar
Hindi Grammar Hindi Grammar
Marathi Grammar Marathi Grammar