eclass in classroomA complete Digital Education Solution for Maharashtra’s Schools

E-Class is a complete digital education solution for the schools and institutes. Schools can choose from any of the mentioned platforms to use Eclass in their premises. All the platforms suggested are completely off-line and do not require any internet service.

In today’s world, the traditional teaching method and concepts have become outdated. New age technology and upgraded learning systems are the need of the hour. We transform classrooms into digital rooms that enhances the learning process by involving more senses.

Digital education provided with good infrastructure helps the conversion of traditional classrooms easily and effectively.

Teachers will get the power in their hands to showcase more examples, more illustrations and more content. This will help the students to understand and grasp more knowledge from the same concepts.

E-Class Features

Interesting and Attractive Animations
Enhances the experience of classroom teaching through 2D and 3D content
Effective and Engaging
The content has crisp voice over
Grabs attention and helps retain what is heard.
Syllabus Based Solution
A recreation of the State Board Syllabus for Grade 01 to 10 in digital form
Covers entire syllabus and chapter wise content, thus saving time
It is very user friendly and teacher friendly
Teacher’s remote gives the teacher access to content and enables complete control as per requirement.
Helps schools for more enrollment

Service and Support

Our team believes in end to end solutions along with proper maintenance and support. We provide complete installation, training to use the product and all the help required to run the class smoothly.

Complete step by step process

  • Our team installs the products as per requirement of the school or classroom.
  • Projector/tv fittings, screen fittings, speakers are done by our team.
  • Testing and product demo is given to the teachers and school.
  • Teacher training is an important point in our product.
  • Our team does monthly checkup calls and feedback calls.
  • We have our help line number for any queries or issues with the products.

E-Class can be implemented in schools in various ways.

Digital classroom with TV

Model 1: Tv + ebox in every classroom

A T.V. is placed in the classroom which is connected to e-box (multi-media pen drive player) and Eclass (pen drive containing the syllabus). The teacher can freely move around in the classroom and teach the subject on T.V. with the help of a simple remote control.

Digital classroom with projector & ebox

Model 2: Projector + screen+ ebox + speakers

A screen and projector is placed in the classroom which is connected to ebox (multi-media pen drive player) and Eclass (pen drive containing the syllabus).The teacher can freely move around in the classroom and teach the subject on the big screen with the help of a simple remote control. Speakers are connected to the projector for loud sound.

Digital classroom with computer & projector

Model 3: Computer + projector + screen in classroom

A screen and projector is placed in the classroom which is connected to the computer and Eclass content is loaded on the computer. The teacher can operate on the computer and teach the subject on the big screen.

Digital education on Android Tablets

Model 4: Android tablet for each student

Each student along with teacher is given an android 7inch tablet with an sd card. The sd card has the complete educational content and applications for learning. The students can use the tablet for other educational applications also.

LAN based E Learning system

Model 5: Lan system

The server of the computer lab, is installed with Eclass content. The entire content runs in the computer lab through the lan system. The entire application is loaded on the server, and users can access content on their computers via the server through lan. Each students can learn as per his requirment.

Custom E Learning System

Model 6: Custom packages as per requirement

We can have custom hardware and model as required, and create a joint product for schools.

We have covered over 500 schools in Maharashtra and have received feedback and appreciation letters from all. Below are the few feedback of what our schools speak for us.

  • We are glad to inform you that this software has provided an immense aid to teachers and lead to conceptual clarity of students.
    Manish Gordoia
    The Don Bosco High School
  • Presentation of E-Class is very attractive and the students like it, it has many benefits.
    Head Master
    Sarvajanik Balmandir School
  • We have been using this product since the past 2 years and it is very helful to us.
    Mother Marys English High School
  • On behalf of our entire teaching staff we would like to express our satisfaction and apprciation for E-Class content, excellent product and it has helped us to achieve our goals.
    Head master
    Adarsh Vidyalaya
  • It is a good audio-visual aid in the classroom, very wasy to use and students enjoy the lessons as they are very interesting
    Don Bosco High School and Junior College