Affordable, Effective E Learning Solutions for ZP & Government Schools

A survey on the state of education in rural Maharashtra throws up some good news and some bad news. The good news is that enrolment and attendance are high across the state. The bad news, though, is that learning standards are rather low. The survey shows that a whopping 99% of all children in the 6-14 age group in Maharashtra were enrolled in school. According to census 2001 there are 43722 villages in Maharashtra.

The state has a particularly dismal record in mathematics, with a decline in learning levels when compared with the previous year. According to studies, the results show that Maharashtra’s education outcomes have been stagnant, and the leap to the next level has not been achieved. Maharashtra sees itself as a progressive state and so it has not made much effort to improve.

We at E-Class help provide education solutions for the rural areas and for the less developed schools across Maharashtra. With the simple school solution for the rural areas a number of students can be educated and can study with the help of this technology. The gap between the rural and urban area can be bridged with the help of equal education for all by our e-class school solutions.

We have various education schemes and options for the government to implement the system in the government, rural and urban schools. The state can implement our system effectively as it is one of the easiest, affordable and very user friendly.

In a state like Maharashtra majority schools are in regional language Marathi, around 80000 schools in Marathi medium in this state. We have the content and curriculum/syllabus in Marathi and English. Our product is very user and teacher friendly, it does not require internet, or any additional training or any extra man power. With a simple TV or projector education can be imparted. The government of India is doing various things for the students, and it is taking huge steps for the development of education in the state. With the introduction of E-class product even the smallest remotest area can be covered and everyone can be educated.

With the effective cooperation from the government jointly India can be lead to the path of glory and a huge educational population will be ready for the future. We have installed it in 600 schools in Pune Municipal Corporation and various zp schools.

Model 1:

  • Tv/projector in each school
  • Android box (multi media pen drive player)
  • Pendrive with content from 1st to 10th standard
  • Battery backup invertor for power shortage
  • The system can be operated with a simple remote and entire classroom can be powered with digital content completely offline. Does not require any internet or additional systems.

Model 2:

  • Tv/projector in each school
  • Android (10/7 inch) tablet with content in each classroom
  • Solar charger
  • The tv will be connected with the android tablet which will have the content. The content will be viewed on the tv/projector and android tablet can be used for other apps and functions also. The content will be in memory card and the tablet can be charged with the help of the solar charger.

Model 3:

The entire content can be even loaded in schools where computers are available. Offline and online both systems possible.