Today’s Reality

When the countries young force is not educated properly it leads to children joining illegal and unwanted activities. The urge to earn money increases but due to lack of education they do not know how to earn it and thus results in increased numbers of robberies. There are many cases reported where children have turned into robbers and joined terrorist groups. We have schools but no teachers to control the students. We have classrooms but no material to impart education. All the major problems what a country faces are majorly because of lack of educated force running the nation. India needs entrepreneurs and skillful people at every level, and all this is possible only if education in schools is up to the mark. Strong education school base is very important.

What is required in the education space?

Today there are many people and organizations donating food, pencils, stationery products In schools but nobody is providing ways to educate the children. There are bundles and bundles of books left unused, stationery going waste and no count of all of it. What is required today is good quality educational content for the rural and urban schools and a cost effective way to provide it. Providing content to study from and helping children understand the concepts will help them make use of the stationery products given to them and will also help them to develop their skills and knowledge. Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has a great vision for this country, a digital India and an educated India, keeping this in mind we have developed our product for educating the masses and educating our countries children.

How you can help the Nation

  • With just a pen drive and a android box education can be given anywhere and any part of this nation.
  • There is lack of infrastructure and even funds in the rural areas, people are not equipped with hi tech gadgets and do not have any extra training or knowledge about using advanced and complicated solution. Thus by using Eclass we can not only give quality education but also help them grow by using new age technology.
  • With your help we can educate the nation with good quality education & make a strong force to run this nation for the coming years. Per student per month cost is less than Rs 8/-
  • TV is there everywhere and even a new TV set won’t cost much, just by using this TV we are imparting education in the remotes area and in turn educating the nation.
  • Villages, talukas, zilla parishads, this system can be used anywhere and everywhere as it is in regional language as well.

Benefits to the students

  • As the content is textbook based, the teachers do not have to waste time in finding videos, topics, concepts and they can easily proceed with the chapters.
  • The teacher has the power in her hands to teach any chapter she wants without wasting extra time.
  • As the entire content is provided offline, no internet is required for downloading any other concept and modules.
  • The classroom comes to life with virtual content &  students can look at geometry sums, history events, science experiments all on screen solved and in animated version with examples.
  • Textbook based content understands the student’s age, his standard & ability and then gives the correct information. The information provided is complete and as per the point.
  • Covers mind map, question and answers for complete revision for every chapter.
  • The children of India can educate and empower themselves.
  • Answer to the growing problem of more demand and less availability of teachers.
  • Bridging the digital divide and creating a strong bond between students and teachers.
  • E-class increases the students success rate in class examinations.
  • It’s like watching a movie, the experience of studies in a movie format making it easy to remember and interesting.
  • The students of this country will form a strong education base which will help them in the future and this country.
  • Skillful people and educated working population is the prime need for a country to develop.
  • Various implementation modes (tv, computer, internet, server, tablets, mobile and more)

We have worked with over 50 companies who have supported the schools by providing Eclass products to them. A few names are given below.