Easy, Effective, E Learning Solutions for Maharashtra’s Schools

E-Class is an attempt to encourage quality learning and help the process of learning by making it effective and engaging in innovative ways. At E-Class we have developed solutions and delivery platforms that enrich teaching and learning experience. The main aim is to go beyond the traditional black and white textbook approach and connect technology with education.

We believes that to become a leader in any field one must foster a conception of excellence in education. Education is the pillar and base of entire human life and we believe our learning solutions will not only help build the base but will make the education roots stronger forever. We are building an army of students for this nation and we support the Digital India mission strongly.

We have developed audio-video animated content for Maharashtra State Board Studies, for standards 1st to 10th in English, Marathi and semi-english medium.


The content is developed keeping in mind the teaching pattern of the teachers and is as per the state board syllabus. It has rich visuals and animations to explain each chapter in detail. Geography maps, science practical’s, history events, math’s sums and all such things explained deeply with the help of the content.

Delivery Platforms

It can be used on many platforms online and offline. It is available in pendrive for television sets, computers, android mobile phones and tablets, and secure digital card (SD). Our solutions are for schools, teachers and students with different delivery platforms. Enhancing the experience of teaching through 2D and 3D content.

Eclass Can Be Used

Enriching educational institutions, empowering students and teachers alike with the new age digital learning

Digital Classroom for School

By Schools

  • Technologically equipped schools
  • Better enrollment
  • Improves school results
  • Preferred hence premium
Teaching with digital course content

By Teachers

  • Saves time and energy
  • Enhances teaching
  • Improves attention span of students
  • Enhances teachers control in classroom
Online/Offline E Learning system using computer lab

By Students

  • Faster learning
  • Better understanding
  • Improves grades
  • Makes learning effective

Benefits of E-Class

Transforming every classroom into a digital room that enhances the learning process by involving more senses

E-class increases success rate in class examinations and most importantly in SSC Board examinations

Bridging the digital divide among the students and building better bonds between teachers and the students

A next generation teaching aid with a plethora of references

It is very easy to remember a song or a movie because we see and hear the movie at the same time. Just like that educational content with audio-video makes it very easy to remember

Comprehensive lesson plan as per Maharashtra State Board Syllabus (SSC)

An engaging format for better student learning and hassle free teaching environment

Mind map, question and answer videos for each chapter

Aimed at increasing marks of students

2D/3D Animation for each chapter

Chapter wise detailed study, syllabus oriented & easy to explain

Step towards Digital India and an upgrade to the traditional learning

Customized to complement live classroom teaching.

E-Class Digital Learning vs Other Products

High Technology System (other available products) Eclass Technology

Other systems available in the market require a server room, a computer lab, various Lan connections. Such high technology requires additional man force to handle and manage the entire system.


E-class system requires just a T.V set or a projector. The Ebox can directly be connected to the projector and can be controlled with a remote which is very easy and does not require any additional man force to handle or operate the system.


The hardware requirements involve a huge cost in such systems and the infrastructure cost in installing such a product is very high. Additional servers, computers, wiring is required. Interactive boards require huge investments.


The only hardware requirement is either a T.V or a projector. Rest everything is available in the Ebox in which the pen drive is connected and the content can be viewed. No further recurring cost.

Revenue Cost

The cost of setting up an entire Av room or a server lab requires huge capital and maintenance cost is very high.

Revenue Cost

Eclass does not require any extra infrastructure. The maintenance cost is practically zero.

Content Provided

The content provided in the other systems is a concept based content. It does not cover the entire textbook and does not go according to the syllabus. Each concept has to be taught individually.

Content Provided

The content in Eclass is as per the state board and is exactly as per the textbook. It covers each chapter and subject with animations as per the student’s requirement during a lecture in detail.


Such a system requires a complicated installation of the product and takes a lot of time and efforts. The teachers find it very difficult to use such a system.


This system is very easy to install and can be installed immediately. Teachers have the control in their hand and by the use of a remote they can play pause and rewind the chapter, thus making it easy to teach without additional costs.

Internet Connection

This system requires internet connection for loading the concepts and connecting to its main system.

Internet Connection

No internet is required. Just by the use of a pen drive entire standard can be taught as and when required.

Multiple Systems

Such systems cannot be provided in all the classrooms and schools due to poor infrastructure presently available and high cost involved.

Multiple Systems

Eclass system is easy to install in any number of classrooms as and when required as existing infrastructure is enough for it functioning.

Syllabus Completion and Teacher Training

Due to the complicated system teachers do not finish the entire syllabus in the stipulated time and teacher training is required to use the system.

Syllabus Completion and Teacher Training

Due to syllabus based content no extra time is wasted and entire subjects can be covered in stipulated time. Due to the easy nature of the product no additional teacher training is required for this system.

Eclass Comparison with Low End Products and Content given in Dvd’s and Cd’s

DVD-CD’s E-Class Pendrives
Cds have no life. After using it for a couple of times scratches affect the cd and cannot be used again. Pendrives can be used for any number of times. There is no problem of using it again and again.
Sensitive to light, and have to be stored in a proper box and packaging. Pendrives need no extra box and can be stored anywhere.
Educational cds from other companies have concept based study, they do not cover all subjects and are subject wise. E-Class pendrive has all the chapters stored in a single pendrive.
Most of the times cds only run on computer and not on T.V E-Class has an option to even work on tv through our e-box and also different pendrive to work directly on computer/laptop etc
Educational cds which run on dvd player require a dvd player which costs more than Rs 5000. And are very expensive E-Class pen drive can run on tv through ebox. This can also play movies, songs, from personal pendrive.
After a certain time, the scratches keep increasing on cd and are difficult to use and see the educational videos. Pendrive has no problem of scratch or error and can be used any number of time without error.
The capacity of a cd/dvd is less and it cannot store all educational content in 1 cd and therefore companies give incomplete data. Pendrives have more capacity and can store huge data. E-class Pendrives have full content in 1 pen drive.
No updating of content takes place, as cds once given are permanent. New portion cannot be upgraded on cds. E-Class pendrive are for per year, and can be upgraded to new syllabus and content.
Difficult to use, carry and store cds. They always have a fear of crashing and breaking. Pendrives are easy to store and require no place. They can be carried anywhere without the fear of breaking.
Old technology and outdated educational product New age method of teaching and pen drives are used worldwide now.
Off branded products do not guarantee quality education. Sundaram brand in the market since more than 30 years and guarantees quality education.